The 5 Secrets To Business Marketing

The 5 Secrets to Business Marketing

Impact today is everything.  With the speed of technology and our lives, people are constantly being bombarded with so many advertising pitches that nothing stands out.  For the average business owner, the investment in marketing often leaves them feeling their efforts are futile.  With a 1 % of return on direct mail advertising, and seeing thousand of dollars of promotional materials in the recycling bins,  is it any wonder that businesses would choose to stop marketing all together?

Times have changed and so must your marketing. If you want to regain the edge in business or increase your market share, you need to step out of the box and look at building your personal wow factor to get noticed. Building an effective wow factor requires that you have a proper foundation in place to get to where you want to go.  Once you think about how to wow in your business today, all kinds of fireworks will go off.  Here are 5 secrets anyone can apply to their business to stand out and attract the right mix of customers.

Secret #1

Mind…Set… Go

Did you know that the average person processes over 60,000 thoughts a day?  That’s an incredible number of messages we are planting in our garden of life.  For most of us, we live unaware of the thoughts that cycle through our minds.  We typically rely on thoughts generated by our past experiences to plot our future. The problem is, if we did not think or experience success in the past, and we are using past memory to build future success, is it any wonder that we never find it? More hit and miss opportunities? Start paying attention to what you think about. If today you decided to harness the power of those 60,000 thoughts, or even 10% of those thoughts, what could you create? When you change the way you think the world around you changes too.

Secret #2

Believe You are 1 in a Million

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up I was taught to blend in and go with the flow. Follow the Simon says rules of life: sit, stand,line up, don’t talk, talk when asked, and do not think originally. Being an independent person by nature, that was a tough thing for me to do. It was against my nature to stand in line and be like everyone else.

Thank goodness school is over and business is here.  Today the value in life and business lies in sharing your unique voice. Identifying what sets you apart from the rest of the world. Hi-lighting your unique selling feature…YOU. This is easy to do when you know your purpose, passion, and what you are best at in the world. No one can come close to competing with incredible you.

Secret #3

Understand How People Buy

In the past 5-10 years the rules of the marketing game have changed. No longer can you sell people with a flashy ad and be done with it. Marketing who you are and what you do takes a new energy today. Take the time to invest in researching your market needs, wants and desires. Business owners waste much of their hard-earned money by thinking they know what their ideal client wants. They end up spending their dollars where their clients used to shop and not where they shop today. Take the time to listen to the voice of your target market upfront, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Secret #4

Stay In Touch

Did you know that it costs 8 times more money to attract a new client than to keep an existing one? If  money flowing needlessly out of your pocket is an issue for you, then take heed. Focus your efforts on speaking to the converted if you want better outcomes. Invest in keeping your message in front of your best clients. When you do this, you will be the first person who comes to mind when they know someone who needs what you have to sell.

Secret #5

Become a Servant Leader

Do you know the fastest way to get people to pay attention to you? Even if you are living in the most competitive industry on this earth?  Become a servant leader. Give before you receive. Help people win before they help you. Try opening doors for people (figuratively and literally) and a new you will rise to the top. The biggest leaders I know in the world today are all willing to lend a hand to help others achieve their goals unconditionally.  Remember it’s always about what’s in it for them not what’s in it for you that matters.  Apply these 5 business marketing secrets and see a shift happen in your world today.

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Finding Your Marketing Sweet Spot

Find your marketing sweet spot and win!

The Business of Family Day

The best moments in my life happen when I am celebrating the gift of family.  As small business owners we are constantly juggling all the   activities to keep the business running ( 24/7).  We often forget the reason why we are doing it all. Our raison d’être….our families.  When we  decide to schedule in our family time ( much like we would plan to serve our clients, they become a priority).  I recently met with a business owner  who said  he worked so hard that he was constantly going from crisis call to crisis call and missing out on family time. He felt obligated to rush to  the crisis of the day. I suggested he think of his family as a crisis call. By scheduling a family crisis call regularly, he could meet their needs (and  his own) when it mattered most.  Invest in your family…it matters.

Have fun, love your family, and all will be well.


Canadian Marketing Language Matters

One of the simple ways to get your small business noticed today, is to use the language of the audience you are trying to reach.  I work with Canadian chiropractors and health practitioners who often go south for education and small business training.  They are wowed by the step by step marketing strategies they can use to attract hundreds of new patients to their practice. When they come back to Canada, eh, and try to implement the preformed mostly US systems, they are disappointed with the results.

Canadian business owners forget, Canadians speak a different language. Canadianese. If you are going to use a new script/ system in your business, try it out on your team first. Get their input as to how to translate the marketing message ( US voice) to get the attention of your audience ( great white north voice). Remember. The Canadian voice matters.

Does Your Business Suffer From Stickinote Syndrome?

I work with many businesses these days that appear to invest a great deal in the stickinote industry.  They work hard to get their business off the ground with a lot of sweat, tears and passion. These independent business gurus become the innovators, the service providers, and the janitors. They start out managing all aspects of their business. They invest in 3M and think they have it all under control.

Then one day on the road to success, these business owners emerge (wiping the stickinotes from their eyes) feeling overwhelmed. They find they no longer have a handle on the use of their time or money to grow.  They start asking themselves: 1) What can I do to simplify my business ? 2) Why am I not getting the returns on my marketing strategies? 3) How can I save time so I can be invited back into the family photos ( sans the stickinotes)?

1) What to do to Simplify Your Business?

Start by evaluating if you have the right systems in place to get your business to the next level of success. Are there areas in your business that need a system to make it work more effectively? Are there steps in your business system that you can eliminate to make it easier for people to do business with you?    By evaluating and streamlining your systems, you will not only improve the quality of the services you provide, you will generate more momentum too.

2) Why Am I Not Getting The Returns on My Marketing Strategies?

If you have been in business in the past 5-10 years, you will have seen a shift in how people buy. Marketing tools that may have been effective in the past, may not get you the sales today. Access to technology and search engine tools are creating more savvy shoppers. Today if you want to get the edge on your competitors, you need to open to multiple ways of connecting. Know your target audience and listen to their voice. If you want to remove some of the stickinotes, try focusing on what you are good at and outsourcing the rest.

3) How Can I Save Time?

Start this week by tracking everything you do. Find out what time you are spending on what activities. It is surprising how much time we are losing through unnecessary tasks. Is there a way to simplify what you are doing? Can you delegate a task to someone else in your business?  The more you know the more you can grow.

Reflect on your systems, look for new solutions, and manage your time. It matters.

Wishing you much success, and a stickinote free day!